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Board 1 - Ohms Law Board

Board 1 - Ohms Law Board

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Board 1 - Ohms Law Board

Purpose: To develop skills in using ohm meters, voltmeters, and ammeters, and in performing basic electrical calculations for various circuits.

Description: This board features resistors and lamps for visual and nonvisual circuit operation indicators. Students can work individually or in teams, enabling instructors to monitor progress and conduct practical exams to meet FAA requirements (Part 147). The board includes a project booklet, student answer sheet, and instructor answer key, with adjustable project duration. It is designed for durability with easily replaceable parts and requires a 12v power supply. A set of 12 boards typically suffices for a class of 24 students, with rotation options for smaller sets.


  • Visual and nonvisual indications of circuit operation using resistors and lamps.
  • Students can work individually or as a team at their own pace.
  • Instructors can monitor progress and perform a practical exam to ensure students meet FAA requirements.

Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key.


  • 12v power supply

Price: $1,499

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