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Board 1 - Ohms Law Board

Board 1 - Ohms Law Board

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The Ohm’s Law Training Board is designed to help each AMT student develop the necessary skills to use an ohm meter, voltmeter, and ammeter.   In addition it allows each student to perfect their newly acquired mathematical skills by completing basic electrical calculations for series, parallel, and simple complex circuits.  Using resistors and lamps allow for both visual and nonvisual indications of circuit operation.

Each student can work as a team but also individually on the project at their own rate while at the same time allowing the instructor to monitor their progress.  At the conclusion of the project, the instructor can perform a simple practical exam to insure the student has learned the specific skills required to meet the FAA requirements.  This project develops the skills necessary for Part 147, Appendix B, objectives 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the General Subject section.  

Each board comes with a project booklet, a student answer sheet, and an instructor answer key.  The project can be adjusted to fit any time requirements. The board is made to be student resistant and if a part breaks it can be easily replaced by the instructor.  Students simply pull up on a spring and place the wire under it.  The spring holds the wire in place.  No need for tools to remove screws or solder connections. 

A 12v power supply is required to operate the board. Normally a set of 12 boards will cover a class of 24 students.  A smaller number of boards can be used if students are rotated with other required projects. 

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