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Board 3 - TS Basic Circuit Troubleshooting

Board 3 - TS Basic Circuit Troubleshooting

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Board 3 - TS Basic Circuit Troubleshooting

Purpose: To teach students how to determine electrical potential at terminals and trace open circuits, enhancing their diagnostic skills.

Description: This board features five identical circuits, each with a single-pole, single-throw switch and a light bulb. The first circuit has no faults, allowing students to take voltage readings at each terminal to identify positive, negative, or neutral states under different conditions: switch open, switch closed, circuit breaker open, and both open. The remaining circuits have various faults, providing practical experience in fault tracing. The final two circuits involve complex terminal connections, increasing the difficulty and honing skills in reading wiring diagrams and schematics.


  • Five identical circuits with single pole single throw switch and light bulb.
  • First circuit without faults to establish normal readings.
  • Remaining circuits contain faults to trace.


  • Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key

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