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Board 3 - TS Basic Circuit Troubleshooting

Board 3 - TS Basic Circuit Troubleshooting

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The Basic Circuit Board is designed to teach the student how to determine the electrical potential of terminals in order to trace an open in a circuit.  There are 5 identical circuits using a single pole single throw switch and a light bulb.  All the circuits are electrically identical.  The first circuit has no faults.  The student is required to take voltage reading at each of the circuit’s terminal connections and determine if they are positive, negative, or neutral.  Using the first circuit, the student will determine the normal reading when the switch is open, the switch is closed, when the circuit breaker is open and when both the circuit breaker and switch are open.

Each of the remaining circuits contains faults.  The student will learn what to look for when tracing down the fault.  The last two circuits are routed through a variety of terminal connections which increase the difficulty level of the circuit. This allows the student to practice skills needed to read wiring diagrams and schematics. 

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