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Board 11 - TS Pitot Heater System

Board 11 - TS Pitot Heater System

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Board 11 - TS Pitot Heater System

Purpose: To educate students on the operation and troubleshooting of pitot heating systems using relays and indicator lights.

Description: This system includes two circuits, each operating a simulated pitot heater represented by an indicator light. The circuits feature a relay coil in series with the heating unit, a warning light operated by the relay, and a lamp test circuit. Students first learn the normal operation of these circuits through detailed descriptions. After mastering the standard operation, they will input ten different faults and use a voltmeter to diagnose and resolve isues.


  • Two circuits simulating pitot heaters with indicator lights
  • Relay coil in series with the heating unit
  • Warning light and lamp test circuit
  • Comprehensive learning of normal circuit operation
  • Troubleshooting of ten faults, including opens and shorts
  • Practical use of voltmeters for fault diagnosis and resolution


  • Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key

Price: $1,999

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