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Board 12 - TS Landing Gear Position two light system

Board 12 - TS Landing Gear Position two light system

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Board 12 - TS Landing Gear Position Two Light System

Purpose: To train students on the operation and troubleshooting of landing gear position and warning systems, focusing on relay and micro-switch functionality.

Description: This board includes three circuits: one powers the warning relay, and two operate the warning lights. Students will learn to use snap action micro-switches and, optionally, proximity sensors on landing gear struts. Slide mechanisms simulate down-and-locked, up-and-locked, and in-transit positions. The system features individual test switches to identify unsafe gear positions and routes wiring through complex terminal blocks.


  • Three circuits: one for powering the warning relay, two for operating warning lights
  • Introduction to snap action micro-switches and optional proximity sensors
  • Slide mechanisms for simulating various landing gear positions
  • Individual test switches for gear safety status
  • Complex wiring through terminal blocks
  • Hands-on learning of normal circuit operation and fault troubleshooting
  • Covers objectives in the Part 147 position and warning systems, landing gear, and electrical systems sections


  • Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key

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