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Board 13 - TS Flap Position System

Board 13 - TS Flap Position System

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The Flap Position System board contains three circuits. One circuit provides power to the warning horn.  One circuit provides power to the warning relay.  The other circuit is used to operate the landing gear warning lights.  This circuit is used on multi-engine aircraft to provide aural warning in the flight deck if any two throttles are advanced for take-off and the cowl flaps or wing flaps are in the wrong position. The warning Circuit wiring is routed through a complex series of terminal blocks.

The student will operate the circuits in the normal operation mode using the description of the normal circuit operation.  After gaining a complete understating of the operation of the normal circuit, the students will in-put each of the ten faults and troubleshoot the circuit using a voltmeter. Circuit faults contain opens and shorts. The objective in this project cover areas in the Part 147 position and warning systems as well as electrical systems sections.

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