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Board 14 - RW Resistor Panel

Board 14 - RW Resistor Panel

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Board 14 - RW Resistor Panel

Purpose: To teach students how to wire basic series, parallel, and complex electrical circuits using aircraft-type terminal blocks.

Description: This board helps students become proficient in wiring electrical circuits and understanding DC and AC power supplies. Students will also learn to read basic schematics and identify the correct connections on the training panel. The project circuit booklet provides step-by-step procedures, and an answer sheet with specific questions aids instructors in evaluating student responses.


  • Training on wiring series, parallel, and complex circuits
  • Familiarization with DC and AC power supplies
  • Instruction in reading basic schematics and identifying correct connections
  • Step-by-step circuit procedures in the project booklet
  • Answer sheet with fill-in-the-blank questions for easy assessment


  • Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key

Price: $1,899

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