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Board 4 - TS Relay Trouble Shooting

Board 4 - TS Relay Trouble Shooting

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Board 4 - TS Relay Troubleshooting

Purpose: To educate students on the relationship between symptoms and faults in circuits, and to understand the basic connections and operation of a relay.

Description: This project involves operating four separate circuits through a relay. Students will first learn the normal operation of the circuits. Once they understand this, they will input each of the ten faults and use a voltmeter to troubleshoot the circuit.


  • Four separate circuits operated through a relay
  • Practical experience in identifying and understanding circuit faults
  • Hands-on training with a voltmeter for troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive learning of relay connections and operations


  • Project booklet, Student answer sheet, Instructor answer key.

Price: $1,999

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