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Pro-Flight G1000 Cockpit (Desktop Unit)

Pro-Flight G1000 Cockpit (Desktop Unit)

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Elevate Your Flight Simulations with the Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit!

Dreaming of an immersive and realistic cockpit experience? Look no further! Introducing the Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit from Aviation Training Foundation LLC. Get ready to take your flight simulations to a whole new level!

Experience the power of cutting-edge technology as you step into the virtual cockpit of your dreams. With the Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit, every detail is at your fingertips. From its high-resolution displays to its intuitive controls, you'll feel like you're soaring through the skies in a real aircraft.

Whether you're a student pilot or an experienced aviator, this game-changing accessory is designed to enhance your training and bring authenticity to your flight simulations. Practice instrument procedures, fine-tune your navigation skills, and conquer new horizons with confidence.

At Aviation Training Foundation LLC, we're passionate about your success. That's why we've crafted the Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit with precision and uncompromising quality. It's built to withstand countless hours of simulated flight, ensuring durability and reliability for your aviation adventures.

Ready to take off on a thrilling journey? Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your flight simulator setup with the Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit. Elevate your skills, master the art of aviation, and experience true realism.

Order your Pro Flight G1000 Cockpit today and discover a whole new level of flight simulation. It's time to turn your dreams of flight into reality!


The Pro-Flight G1000 Cockpit is a perfect solution to adding a sense of realism to your home cockpit adventures.   This is a Cessna Style G1000 Cockpit that replicates the real aircraft.

The unit can come empty, or with all panels including the RealSimGear G1000 Suite.

The unit can also come fully assembled by our team of professionals, to included Glare Shield Upholstery.  Please see the pro assembly package below to see what is all included.

The unit is made from durable cnc’ed textured ABS plastic.  One of the most realistic-looking units for the price.

For custom orders, such as custom aircraft panels and set-ups, please send us a custom request Here



  • Cessna Style G1000 2.5mm Aluminum Panel, Primed & Painted In House
  • Pro-Flight Cockpit Frame
    • Textured Glare Shield
    • Edge Trimming for added protection


  • Cessna Style G1000 2.5mm Aluminum Panel, Primed & Painted In House
  • Pro-Flight Cockpit Frame
    • Textured Glare Shield
    • Edge Trimming for added protection
  • RealSimGear G1000 Suite
  • Pro-Flight G1000 Switch Panel
  • Standby Instrument Panel
  • Pro-Flight Breaker Panel
  • Cessna Style Throttle and Mixture Panel
  • Cessna Flaps Switch
  • ELT
  • Stadndard Hobbs Meter
  • Pause Button
  • Fulcrum One Yoke
  • Cessna Pedestal w/ Fuel Selector & Trim Wheel
  • 16 Port USB Hub
  • Power Strip
  • 12V Power Supply for Hobbs meter.


  • Includes everything from the “Full Hardware Package (Not Assembled)”
  • Upholstery – Glare Sheild is upholstered by an aircraft interior upholstery expert.
    • Your choice of stitching Color
  • The main panel and all hardware are assembled and wired for immediate use.
  • 12v Power Supply is installed inside the unit, to power the Hobbs meter.  The power supply can also be used for customizations such as cabin flood lights, and more.
  • Internally mounted power strip
  • Internally mounted 16 port USB hub with easy access
  • Professionally labeled and properly routed wires throughout the device for easy maintenance.

What is the Pro Assembly Package

Many of our customers are very techy individuals and often want to assemble the unit on their end. However, we have had our fair share of customers who wish to have a realistic flight simulator, but need the know-how to build such a device. With that being said we are offering a pro-assembly option.

Pro-Flight Cockpit Dimensions (no upholstery):  40.5"W x 19.25"H x 8"D

Pro-Flight Cockpit Dimensions (Upholstered):  41.5"W x 20"H x 8"D

Pedestal:  8"W x 21"H x 11"D (at bottom) 5" (at top)


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